Sebastian W. James | The Professional Tweets of Sebastian James
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The Professional Tweets of Sebastian James

Social media is one of my favorite mediums to communicate, for both professional and personal reasons.  Over time, I’ve become quite proficient at getting the most value out of many of them.  I’ve also become very good at understanding how to measure what I said in the previous sentence.  The immediate image is from a series of tweets that I wrote while I served as Deputy Director of New Media for Cook County Government.  Writing as @ToniPreckwinkle, I was the first to aggressively use Twitter as part of my strategy to communicate the missions and successes of county bureaus and departments.  Twitter was the perfect medium to communicate current events, news, alerts, and make residents aware of how well we were serving them.


Click here for my tweets


Here’s 2 years of Twitter, Facebook, website and other social media analytics that I had to compile.  When I say “had” I mean I had to report monthly as part of a performance management ordinance passed by Cook County Government.  The ordinance required me, as well as 22,000 other county employees to identify KPIs used to measure job performance.


I also used Twitter to communicate content related to Big Data Week 2013 and 2014, and most recently, CivicBLUE 1647.  To see what’s been going on there, click here for the @CHGBigDataWeek feed, and here for the @CivicBLUE1647 feed.  To see tweets related to the Hybrid and Electric Car News, click here for the @GreenCarsGoFast feed.


FYI, if you want to see my personal tweets (if you haven’t already), click here for the tweets of @sebastianwjames.


February 8, 2016