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Digital Ads n’ Stuff


Here are some digital ads used during the 2010 election for the President of the Cook County Board, the transition as well as during the administration.  During the campaign, our budget was $5000.00, used mostly on AdWords.  During the transition, we spent $10,000 AdWords campaigns to generate applicants to a custom website created to capture applications and resumes outside of the process.  We felt a separate application collection system further insured there was no existing political or bureaucratic interference with new blood flowing into the system.


We used $3500 in Facebook display ads during the “Hate vs Hope” campaign.  This 2010 general election issues campaign was coordinated with the Democratic National Convention to help elect Dem candidates nationwide.  The goal of the campaign was to illustrate the difference between the xenophobic GOP message, and the one of pragmatism and optimism communicated by Democrats.


As a member of the administration, I leveraged the power of the County’s website to communicate messages and drive people to landing pages about alerts, events, meeting advisories and other key messages.


February 8, 2016


Government, Politics