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CivicBLUE 1647

CivicBLUE 1647 is a civic development program I started with BLUE 1647. The mission of CivicBLUE is three-fold:


First, we want to use civic data to teach people about data.  Second, we want to start a conversation between technologists and the community in order to spark innovation at the neighborhood level.  Third, we want to find ways to make technology-centric civic engagement more sustainable.


The mission of CivicBLUE 1647 dovetails with our core values.  BLUE 1647 is here to teach and learn, contribute and receive, and to create opportunities to build hope.


I believe we can be the driving force behind a new civic data and technology effort.  Our locations are based in minority and underserved communities where there is a hunger to improve. We are a gathering point for the brightest minds in these areas, and a base to support their social or for-profit entrepreneurial aspirations.


So if you are a person who wants to increase your data literacy, you’ve found the right place.  If you want to use your knowledge of data and technology for social good, you’ve found the right place.  If you’re a professional working to create change and need to improve your data and technology literacy, you’ve found the right place. If you’re a social entrepreneurial looking for a way to create a technology business, you’ve found the right place as well.


Welcome to CivicBLUE 1647.



January 6, 2016


Civic Development

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