Sebastian W. James | This is What Worries Me About the Trump Cabinet
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This is What Worries Me About the Trump Cabinet

Hat tip to today’s Vanity Fair’s VF Hive with a great story on Jared Kushner, the one person Don Donald will listen to:

“My impression wasn’t that he was a moron,” this real-estate acquaintance continued. “But he thought he was so much smarter than he was. That makes for really dangerous and decisive decisions. He is really confident that he’s doing the right thing, but he has no idea what he’s doing.”


If you look at the Trump circle and upcoming cabinet, it is becoming clear that you don’t have someone with either business, political, or government gravitas; that person who can see the wisdom of a decision a few moves in the future.  These are the guys bomb-throwers need to rationally affect the change they want.  They are the people whose brains need to be picked in order to create the envisioned order. Trump himself doesn’t have that kind of gravitas–especially in a realm that is completely foreign to him, and one that he has campaigned on as being hostile.

What you have is a collection of bomb-throwers, some with the attention span of a Twitter feed.  Others have a psychologically unhealthy, almost stalker-like focus.

His most recent pick Dr. Ben Carson, a noted neurosurgeon, has no experience in housing, development or community planning.  But he is being tapped to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a major department with a $49.3 billion dollar budget that serves at least 4.7 million disadvantaged households.

Weren’t there any donors or insiders with experience in development and real estate?  Of all the cabinet picks, this is the one that Trump should have aced.  Is Carson the pick because this is the easiest way for him to demonstrate to the Black poor that if they could just live like him they would be successful? Or is Carson the pick because he will parrot whatever Trump wants?

Carson is a smart guy, have no doubt. But is he the man for the job? Check out this from the Washington Post on the decision.  I’m with them, but not as well written.

For me, the die is already cast.  A man with no intention of managing has handed the reins of government over to people who not only hate it, they want to kill more brown people in foreign lands.

I’m not looking forward to the first inevitable crisis.


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