Sebastian W. James | Tiger Woods is Back. But is He BACK?
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Tiger Woods is Back. But is He BACK?


I’m watching the third round of the 2016 Hero World Challenge. Tiger Woods, back from over 425 days off, has risen to 4-under today from a opening round 73 (1 over).  Eldrick is playing his brains out.  He looks relaxed.  His swing is effortless. Everything looks and feels wonderful.

And then the commentators start talking.  To a fair amount of them, this is the “second coming” of the Baby Jeebus of golf.  And it’s boring already.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tiger Woods.  As a golfer, he has been great to watch. As an African-American golfer, he’s been a source of pride.  I’m glad to see him doing so well.

But I want to see him play more before I say, he’s BACK.  Because there is a difference.

I want to see him play enough tournaments to go through a cycle of playing good, playing like shite, then figuring it out to play well again. Playing through that cycle, to me, is a better path to follow. I think playing enough to beat back one cycle of adversity is a better way to check the 360-degrees of one’s golf game.

Tiger is back. I can’t wait until he’s BACK again.

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