Humor in Marketing: Clever, Funny, Unfunny, and Trying Too Hard

There’s a great article in a March 10, 2014 post at  It’s on “just letting go” in order to ...


Big Data Week Chicago 2014: A Timely Update

In a nutshell things are good.  But since I’m a big fan of overwhelming success, I’d like you to read ...


The “Big Lie” of Content Marketing

Brilliant SlideShare.  Helps keep you on track, focused and humble. As well as being true. Now that this is setting ...

armageddon 666

Content Shock and Other Reasons to Just Give Up and Wait for the End of the World

I’m sure you’ve heard of “Content Shock?” No?  Have you heard of the end of the world? Content Shock, by ...


A Seven-letter Word to Improve Government Customer Service

If you’re not a nerd and haven’t heard of the iBeacon, don’t fret.  You’re not living in an igloo (well ...


Tales from the Frontline–Stories of a Government Turnaround

I work for Cook County Government.  We are the 3rd largest county government in the nation, with a $3 billion ...


Adobe Has the Last (and Best) Word on Super Bowl Ad Hype

After gallons of ink, and billions of keystrokes on how Super Bowl advertising will change…well, EVERYTHING, Adobe reconnects to a ...


Behind the Scenes of Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful” Ad

A very proud and moving 5:11. The video is pretty powerful evidence that the real face of America is very ...


Coca-Cola’s Diversity Commercial that Appeared in Super Bowl 2014

Here’s the ad, titled “Beautiful”, that started the conversation.

The Four Horsemen of Mediocrity

The Four Horsemen of Mediocrity

From Seth Godin’s Blog Deniability–”They decided, created, commanded or blocked. Not my fault.” Helplessness–”My boss won’t let me.” Contempt–”They don’t pay ...

Two Things that Annoy Me About Super Bowl 2014

Two Things That Annoy Me About Super Bowl 2014

I, like many of you, have avoided the Super Bowl 2014 hoopla of the past 2 weeks.  I’ve watched 16 ...

Brand Value

Corporate Social Responsibility and a Brand’s Truth Well Told

The truth of the brand is moving to action from ideal. This is a fantastic SlideShare from Kelsey Hodgkin, of ...


Ten Years from Now, Advertising Will Be Even More Targeted

Having said that, I think that in between Points A and B, the industry will come up with it’s own ...

Budget Hearing

It’s Not Often That Your Work is Lauded in Public Testimony

But on great occasion, I’m lucky. The video is from a public meeting on the 2014 Cook County Budget.  The ...


Ten Years From Now: Self-Assembling Robotic Cubes Will be Used for Disaster Relief, Emergency Shelter, and More

From the brilliant minds at MIT: In 2011, when an MIT senior named John Romanishin proposed a new design for ...

Click Baby

Pretty Much Says it All for What Could Be 65% of All Companies Worldwide

The internet and digital marketing is old hat for us that have been playing in this sphere for the past ...


Ten Years From Now, This May Be the Point Where the Rennisance Started: “Steve Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO”

As much as I have a hate/antipathy relationship with most anything Microsoft, I have to respect it as a legit ...


If Google Can Make $97 Billion on Online Text and Display Ads, Why Can’t Newspapers Make a Profit With Them?

The question is valid.  Why can’t newspapers tap into that expertise to lift their bottom lines?  How many qualified AdWords ...

Ten Years from Now: All Good Ideas are Terrible

Ten Years from Now: This Will Still Be True….

All good ideas are terrible Until people realize they are obvious. If you’re not willing to live through the terrible ...


“Showing up every day isn’t enough. There are a lot of guys who show up every day who shouldn’t have showed up at all.”

Words of wisdom from James Caan in today’s GQ Eye:


Great Quote from Aryton Senna

As seen in today’s GQ Eye “I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.” Don’t tell the entertainment ...


Short Version of Tom Friedman: To Succeed in Today’s World, You Need to Be Able to Think on Your Feet and Adapt

Found this video in a post at Crooks & Liars.  I have to say that the guy (or gal) that ...

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